Monmouth Rugby – We Are #morethanaclub


Mission Statement

Monmouth Rugby Football Club strives to be the premier rugby organization in New Jersey.  We aim for excellence on the field, measured in victories and championships and excellence off the field demonstrated by an active and inclusive social environment.

MRFC Composition

The Monmouth Rugby Football Club is the sum of more than 40 years of players, coaches, alumni, supporters, and fans – all are critical to club successes and failures.

Key Club Objectives

  1. Men and Renegades to win a national championship within 5 years
  2. U19 Boys to win a State Championship in 3 years
  3. U19 Girls to win a State Championship in 3 years
  4. Set measurable engagement goals for athletes, coaches and volunteers
  5. To be financially viable and sustainable
  6. To increase club member engagement and participation at all levels
  7. To improve existing facilities, including game field, practice fields, and the Wilde Rover
  8. Develop a sustainable player base with through continuous recruitment and retention
  9. Increase profile of Monmouth Rugby Club within the community
  10. Give back through volunteerism and charity in the community

Clubwide Attributes

Individual Member Qualities


Together, with this template we form #morethanaclub and build the future of Monmouth Rugby Football Club