Listed here are the Men and Women who have built and shaped the legacy of Monmouth Rugby Football Club both on and off the pitch.  Each member has demonstrated outstanding service to the club and excellence on the field.  Members are elected by the Hall of Fame committee which is comprised of the current HoF inductees and all former MRFC Presidents.  Hall of Fame inductees are announced at the annual awards banquet and inducted by their peers during Monmouth Day Festivities in May.

Paule Barford

Kevin Boman

Frank Fischer

Carl Hamm

Brian Harris

Victoria Knight MacBeth

Tom Tani

Tim Welter

Kevin Welter – 2012

Larry Fox – 2012

Ann Barford – 2012

Mike Liscovitz – 2012

Jack Stankiewicz – 2012

RJ Bifani- 2012

Chris Kaldrovics – 2013

Jim Shaw – 2013

Scott Constantine – 2014

Kevin Walsh – 2014

Andrea Jain Bundschuh – 2014

Rich Podlucky – 2015

Kirsten Vernon-Raimundo – 2015

Doug Coil – 2016

Jim Louro – 2016

Jeff Kaltenbach – 2017

Rob Morello – 2017