This past Saturday on April 13th, the Renegades got bored of Thompson Park and decided to take a road trip down to Cherry Hill to face off against South Jersey. Conditions thankfully weren’t rainy again, but they were windy enough to whip Gabby Colasurdo’s shirt off (iykyk).

The game started off a little funky, with both teams–and the wind–knocking the ball on what felt like 12 times in the first 5 minutes. The Great Leah F. Berry finally got tired of watching the forwards scrum, and after receiving a clean offload from Diana Valencia, she broke through the defensive line and scored the first try of the game. From there the Renegades wreaked havoc on the field, with Diana Valencia, Gabby Colasurdo, Gabriella “G2” Kelly, Megan Buteau, Jess DiVirgilio, and Lucia Middleton all contributing to a score that was 52-0 by halftime. There was plenty of team chemistry contributing to the scoreboard as well: Lock Nikki Bisoglio got a breakaway and offloaded to Diana, who sailed over the try line. Gabby had plenty of try assists in addition to tries, with passes to G2, Lucia, and Leah all resulting in more points on the scoreboard. A nice quick maul off a lineout also put the Renegades on top, with numerous penalties and a stolen lineout leaving South Jersey defenseless. 

Overall it was a good day for the Renegades, with possibly the lowest being when Lucia Middleton failed to deliver the kicking tee to Gabby in time. An objectively simple but important task. Lucia blamed it on the ref’s whisper of a whistle but promises to do better next time. 

Final score: 78-5. The Renegades take on NE Philly next!