On April 6th for the first time in months, there was no temper tantrum on Mother Nature’s part that would normally entail sheets of rain, gusts of hypothermia-inducing wind, and sopping wet cleats splitting at the seams. So with the weather on their side, the Renegades were extra hungry for the W when they faced off against Danbury, a team known for their hard runs and brutal hits. 

The Renegades quite literally hit the ground running as soon as the ref’s whistle blew, with Gabby Colasurdo scoring the first try of the game in under three minutes. 

Not to be outdone, Danbury quickly followed with a try and conversion of their own, bringing the score to 5-7. But the Renegades continued to build pressure, responding with two tries that were both scored by the Rookie Little Lamb. Beth Kaltenbach was key in one of those tries, throwing a beautiful offload after flattening Danbury defenders and ripping open a wide lane for Little Lamb to zip through. 

A Danbury try and several unfortunate penalties against the Renegades later saw the score creep to a tight 15-14. But the battle isn’t over until the final whistle blows, and so with that in mind the Renegades pushed on and finally came out on top with two more tries from Gabby Colasurdo and Pam Olsen. Desperate, Danbury clawed back another try but failed to make their conversion, and so in the end the Renegades won the match 25-14, with no rain (but also no subs)