This past weekend at Thompson Park, the Renegades rolled through with another dominant win, this time against NE Philly.

A clean break from Leah F. Berry within the first five minutes gave the Renegades a strong start. From there it was mayhem, with the Renegades relentlessly punching down the middle of the field and leaving bewildered Philly defenders in their wake. Some points were scored along the edge as well, but the Renegades found particularly sweet success in gaining meters by trucking through the defensive line, with all the Tight Five members having at least a few good runs. Beth Kaltenbach specifically had several hellish runs that resulted in three tries. Rookie (?) Pam Olsen also got a hat trick game, with some clean passes and smooth footwork darting her over the try line. Ashley Allen’s several strong carries lead to try assists, and Gabby Colasurdo and Leah Berry’s offloads to each other resulted in points an impressively high majority of the time throughout the game.

At some point during the game, it was decided to make the scrums uncontested due to lack of experience in the front row. A few knock-ons later and NE Philly had a few opportunities to capitalize on. But the Renegades gave them no mercy, and so even with losing a few penalties and uncontested scrums (which for those of you who don’t know, are significantly more difficult to set compared to real scrums), the game finished 79-0.