Please read carefully.  50th Anniversary Yearbook!!   

Our goal with regard to our 50th Anniversary celebration has been to find ways to make it a memorable experience for as many of our Monmouth family as possible.  We want to relive and share our memories, trace and honor our history, and make our mark in time and space.  We want to document how we came to be ‘More than a club’.

To capture these moments and memories we have joined with Jostens, the high school yearbook people, to develop and publish a hardcover, full-sized yearbook dedicated to the telling of the story of our first fifty years and the events of our full year celebration.  A unique feature of the book allows individuals to upload ‘personal bios’ for publication, with photo(s) and text of their choosing – a great way to commemorate your part of Monmouth’s rugby history.

The yearbook, titled “Continuum: The First Fifty Years of Monmouth Rugby“, will be approximately 168 pages in length.  it will be a full color, glossy stock, professionally crafted hardcover yearbook that hopefully will be referenced by those who plan Monmouth’s Centennial in fifty years’ time.  Our purchase price target is $100 per copy.  If we sell more than our goal of 100 books, the cost per book will be reduced, so we can literally help out our teammates by buying a copy (…or two – they’ll make great gifts!!).  

This is important.   Yearbook printing is a one-shot deal, so the window of opportunity is fixed.  Late comers and changers-of-mind cannot be accommodated.  It’s yea or nay.

We are not asking for orders at this time.  Ordering information will follow, but we need to have a realistic estimate of how many books we can sell.  Please click below to answer the survey question, preferably right now.  Please respond either way so we know who has had the opportunity to reply, as we reach out to others.  

Thanks for your help in making this the lasting keepsake of our 50th Anniversary celebration!

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Additional information on the Yearbook will be included in upcoming newsletters.  Our sole purpose here is to size our market.


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