**UPDATED 11/05/2022

Greetings all,

The first wave was ridiculously successful and I was told the window of opportunity to get involved wave too short.

My apologies, it needed to coincide with an order of gear for the playing team.

The second wave will run from NOW until Thxgiving. In the event we run out of mugs, I’ll work with the slighted humans on another item or a reduced cost.

To recap we have: 47 members of varied levels, ONLY 4 mugs remaining.

The levels are as follows:

Club member: $100 (club access, member prices for beers)
Pewter member: $125 (drink prices, includes mug club)
Kit member: $135 (drink prices, & polo)
Supporting Pillar: $150 (drink prices, mug club + polo)

Voting member tier

Wilde rover: $150/qtr (AGM voting rights, mug club, member prices + polo, supporter jersey, beanie and winter vest)

Payable via check or to the club Venmo account @monmouth-rugby. You can always email me with questions (peter@monmouthrugbyclub.com)

First come first served. Last year we hit 60 members. Dare we go for 100? All profits past operating costs go towards the rover.

** UPDATE 10/7/2022 **

As another evening closes I’d like to welcome the following folks into the 2023 Social Member Ranks of MRFC Returning: Nick Lynch, Evan Fitzgerald, Greg Cardew, John Russoniello New (to this version of the social membership): Michael Patrick Donnelly, William Dikun, and Kevin Boman Some of those in the periphery have asked: “What is this going towards?” It immediately offsets the cost of the clothes purchased as part of the membership. The remaining capital is split down the middle into the rugby operations account and a fund that I fondly call, “the note murdering account” All initiatives, outside of sponsorship and the portion of social membership noted above, will pay off the remaining balance (~$63k) of the Wilde Rover. This past social membership drive enabled us $4k in the right direction; I personally have a goal of 100 members and $7.5k this go-round. With the initiatives in place, the fundraising events, and your donations, I believe that on New Years’ Eve 2023, we will witness what many thought was not possible, a completely debt-free MRFC. The implications of that are tremendous and I believe will give rise to a new era and brand of rugby club in Monmouth and its ripple effect the tri-state area. As always, I’m keen to answer your questions, but it’s much preferred we discuss these items over a beer at the Wilde Rover. So get in on the mug club, ONLY 9 remaining


We are re-launching and re-booting our tiers of social membership for the upcoming 50th anniversary year.

They are as follows:

  1. Social member – member pricing for all events. Member pricing for a beer at the Rover -$100 (wristband issued to designate social member)
  2. Pewter Member – same as the above plus 1 of the 50 mugs that adorn the walls of the Rover- $125 ONLY 15 REMAINING
  3. Kit member – Social member status plus team polo – $135
  4. Pillar member – includes all items listed in Social, Pewter, and Kit membership -$150
  5. Wilde Rover Die-Hard – All of the above, AND ‘23 supporter jersey, team vest, team beanie & voting status right at the AGM AND  a designated numbered bar stool at the Wilde Rover (always yours through 2023!) – $150/qtr 

Please let me know at your earliest convenience as we will be opening up Mug Club to unclaimed mugs to the playing side in order to have a new list and items for 12/01/22 and ready for distribution at the MRFC end-of-season banquet on 1/28/23 at the Manasquan Elks Lodge! If you would like your items before Christmas, you need to have your orders and sizes in to Pete Terilli and paid to the Venmo below by 10/7.

Checks can be made out to Monmouth Rugby Football Club or payments made directly via Venmo app @monmouth-rugby (confirmation number: 0136)

Contact Pete at peter@monmouthrugbyclub.com with any questions.

Thanks to our supporters that have already signed up for the 2023 season

Wilde Rover Die-Hard Members
Frank Fischer
Anthony Macedo
Chris Kaldrovics
Jerry Tallman

Pillar Members
Dave Muller
Tom Lyons
Maureen Kaltenbach
Jeff Kaltenbach
Nick Lynch
Mark Kaltenbach
Carlos Oliveira
Barry Minihan
Mike Liscovitz
Mike Brickley
Jim Giardino
Greg Cardew 
EJ Duffy

Pewter Members
Brian Cardew

Social Members
Kate Kelly