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The latest email update from the 50th Anniversary Tour Committee (from Gabby Colasurdo, 7/16/2022) can be found here.

In order to plan the trip the Committee needs to have a realistic estimate of the number of tourists, and among those a count of those who are available to play. Please help the Committee with their planning – WHETHER YOU INTEND TO TOUR OR NOT – by completing the Tour Interest Survey. Link to Tour Interest SurveySponsors needed to help defray costs – The Tour Committee hopes to reduce tour costs for everyone by seeking sponsors for tour uniform logo placement and/or through outright donations. This is something that everyone can help out with, whether touring or not. Ask around. Julia Guercio has details – please contact her at

50th Anniversary Newsletter #4:  Events – The Framework of the Celebration


As discussed Newsletter #1: The Big Picture, the purpose of distributing our anniversary celebration across a full year of events is to provide as many opportunities for people to get together as we can (as opposed to a single weekend approach). The celebration is in the enjoyment of each other’s company, which is what attracted most of us to the club to begin with.

So “Events” are the substance of MRFC50. Events may be large or small, and anyone can suggest, schedule and run an Event. Some will be events that we run each year, like Monmouth Day. Some may be events that we’ve run from time to time, like the Shamrock Shuffle 5K or A Day at the Races at Monmouth Park. Some are just good ideas, like Brian Cardew’s plan to host a houseful of 15-20 for a long weekend at a ski chalet in Vermont owned by the Monmouth Ski Club.

Anyone may suggest an Event, but in order to be entered in the MRFC50 Event Schedule, an Event must have an Event Manager (or Managers), who agree to be responsible to plan and run the Event.

To get you thinking, here is a partial list of Events that have been suggested so far.

You get the idea…and there’s plenty of room for lots more events!! We’re limited only by our creativity, so give it some thought, and grow the celebration!
Val Rogers will serve as the overall Event and Schedule Coordinator for MRFC50. Val will serve as a central point of contact for the Event Managers, and will maintain the Official MRFC50 Schedule of Events, which will reside on the “50th Anniversary” tab of the Monmouth Rugby web site (
On the technical side, we’re currently testing ways to let people register and schedule Events, and also software to allow people to sign up for individual Events. More details on this to follow.

For now, please give some thought to some fun ways to bring people together, and help us grow the celebration.


Questions, comments, ideas or suggestions? Click here to send an email


Please visit the “50th Anniversary” tab on the Monmouth Rugby website for the latest information:


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