Message from MRFC alumni, Jim Giordano

Hello friends and family,

I’m reaching out to give you all a heads up for the 5th annual Jersey Shore 5K / Team Hope Walk for the HDSA NJ Chapter, which we will be hosting on Saturday, April 30th at Bar A in Belmar. This is a critical “restart” year after a two year COVID hiatus. I need you there to make sure it is a “run-away” success! 

I know some of you came to the walk in Edison.  Being from Monmouth County, this is the one we would like you to attend.  I will not be sending invites to both going forward as I do not want to burden you in attending 2 events.

For those of you who have joined any of the past few years, you know that we should expect a lot of fun! If you are free that weekend, please sign up, as it will mean a lot to me to have you all there to support. The last time we held this event in 2019 was a huge success, with over 200 participants raising over $50K, and I am hopeful that we can have a strong comeback year to regain that momentum. 

To Sign up

The user interface is a bit screwy, so here are detailed instructions on how to register:

– You need to Sign Up / Sign In for an HDSA Portal Account

– Once logged in, click “Register / Start / Join a Team”

– Join as a “Runner” or “Walker” in the “Please Choose Registration Type” section (if you can’t make it, donations are welcome as well)

– Under “Join Fundraising Team” select “Giardino – Malone” in the dropdown

– Fill out your contact info and get your credit card ready (and select the box to cover the processing fee!)
Let me know if you have any questions – love you all and thanks in advance for your support!!Jim, Carol, Julia, Ava and Mara

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