BROOKLYN, NY – The much anticipated Monmouth Renegades’ season finally kicked off at 4pm on Coney Island against Brooklyn Women’s Rugby.  After a scenic drive through Staten Island and over the Verazano Bridge, the ladies pulled up and were ready to take on the pre-game warm up that new coach and Monmouth Hall of Famer Robbie Morello had prepared.

The Renegades attacked the warm up with ferocity and dedication and were ready to take on the game only to experience a small hiccup when the ref showed up late and in the popular shoe of the 90’s – the Teva.

First time Monmouth Renegade Captain, Leah “F.” Berry, rallied the troops through the down time with a speech motivational enough to make the team want to join China’s army and defeat the Huns.

At 4:17 pm EST, the ball soared through the air as the Renegades kicked off to Brooklyn.  Brooklyn came out of the gates swinging as they marched down the field towards the try zone.  Much to the Renegades dismay, penalty after penalty continued to be committed and Brooklyn marched on.    

Luckily for the Renegades, veteran player and long time lover of dogs, Liz “I just gave birth to a 10 pound bowling ball” Hussey was there to hit 95% of the rucks and created numerous opportunities for the rest of the team to poach the ball.

Stitch “Kelly” Rafferty was there to distribute the ball to new comer fly-half, Amanda “Don’t you dare draw attention to me” Rumsey.  After several phases back and forth across the field, Kat “I don’t always get charlie horses, but when I do, I’m in the air” Hussey was able to break down the Brooklyn defense and score the opening try.

Shortly after, Taryn “How does my rhino horn look today” Sievers scored again on Brooklyn, doing her signature stampeding baby rhino run down the field.

From that moment on, the Renegades gained momentum and tries were scored by Kate “Fastest kid alive” Benedit, Diana “I will crush your young soul and send you flying down the field” Valencia, Becca “I will never be allowed to write another game report again” Moose and again by Kate “She runs so fast no one can keep up and support her” Benedit.

Time finished out and the Renegades prevailed with a 40-5 final score against Brooklyn.  A strong performance by the entire team, but most notably, the Renegades would like to recognize first time Monmouth 15’s players, Jackie “Biggie biggie biggie can’t you see”  Mullens, Osh “I destroyed a girls life on my first hit” Baist, PAM “You will not break my giraffe legs” Olsen, Jess “Can I just shoulder check people” Manigrasso and MaryCatherine McKeever Margaret Elizabeth “I can never find my name on a keychain” Innace, on recording their first Monmouth minutes.  

When asked his thoughts on how the first game of the season went, Rob “I still wish I was part of *NSYNC” Morello said, “I’m very happy with the performance that everyone put on today.  Lots of positives and lots of takeaways of things to work on.  The contact zone was our bugaboo, so that will be worked on in practice this week.  Also, can I frost my tips again?  Is that hip?”

The Monmouth Renegades take on the newly formed D1 NYRC this Saturday, September 23rd, on the home pitch in Thompson Park at 11am.  Hope to see everyone there! 

Tries: Kat, Taryn, BM, Diana, Florida (x2)

Conversions: Stitch (x5)