Monmouth Rugby Football Club and Steve Pitman of SolarCity have partnered in a fundraising program that doesn’t cost the club anything and promotes the benefits of going solar at no cost to the homeowner. Here’s how it works:
SolarCity will install, insure, monitor and maintain a solar panel system on your roof at no cost to you. All you do is what you are doing now, buying electricity. Only now it’ll be cleaner and cheaper and come from your roof. You will have some control and predictability over the utility’s high, unpredictable rates for their dirty electricity that we replace. Sound good?
Why are we still digging up coal, burning it to produce electricity and then dumping the poisonous coal ash in lakes around the country, polluting our waterways and land? Did you know the sun produces enough energy in one day to power the U.S. for a year? SolarCity harnesses the power of the sun, and is helping save the world one-roof top at a time.
Anyone who is interested in finding out more about going solar, and wants to see if their house qualifies, please go through MRFC or contact Steve directly. Anyone who signs up with Steve, MRFC will receive a $200 donation from SolarCity upon installation of your solar panel system. Help support MRC and spread the word to your friends, families, neighbors, colleagues etc.
Solar City was a sponsor of MRFC’s Shamrock Shuffle, and will be present at more MRFC events in the future. Point of Contact:  Steve Pitman  609-338-8692