Ryan D3

The Monmouth Division 3 side received their first match victory over Morris this past Saturday as they took control of the game with tries from Derek, Ryan and Oren. The final score was 38-27 with 6 total tries and making 4 of the conversions.

With a big lead in the second half Morris tried to come back with a set of quick tries, making the last 15 minutes of the game a little more uncomfortable than needed for Monmouth.

Monmouth’s quickness and fitness showed in the long run as they outmuscled and outplayed their opponent to close the game. The pack for the second week dominated the scrums and showed that simple hard nose tackling would prove to be the winning formula.

Behind the fired-up pack that was consistently going forward, the backs were putting runners into space and did a great job moving strictly north and south. Forcing Morris to continue to make tough tackles and tiring them from chasing Monmouth’s resiliency.

The victory makes the Monmouth division III have a record of 1-1 after playing on a dusty hard field, on a hot and humid day.