Over at Thompson, the mens’ side saw the Old Boys’ return to the pitch.  Led by Pete “The Only Fit Guy on the Field” Malanga, the boys dropped to Long Island’s “older” side (I counted 5 players who were on the A side last year) by a respectable 12-7 margin.
The A Side began its campaign in style, putting on a clinic against a young, inexperienced Long Island side.  At one point the men led 37-7, and the final reflected a team poised to make a run at 43-12.
The B side, driven by Andrew Oren’s skinny fat speed, were holding a 7 point lead at full time.  However a nifty 80 meter converted try after the buzzer forced the B’s to kiss their sisters.
Thanks to Brannigan’s for hosting another great after party.
On Sunday, the ponies were running as MRFC held its Day at the Races.  The event was very well attended, and, although no one won any money, everyone is a winner when Nick Lynch’s poor skin is exposed to strong sunlight for 8 hours straight