The Renegades opened the day at Harrisburg 7s with a 17-15 win over a hard hitting Lancaster team. Early scoring with quick runs allowed the ladies to execute great team plays and passing. Colleen Dwyer scored two trys and Colleen Erickson added another and the Renegades were able to hang on to the win even after Liz Kelly was given a yellow late in the game.
In game two the Renegades suffered the first loss of the day dropping a 14-12 score to tournament hosts Harrisburg. A very skilled and athletic Harrisburg team was able to score the eventual game winning try off a lucky bouncing ball that caught the defense off guard. In spite of the heat and a lot of kicking by both teams, the Renegades were able to lay out some big hits and make Harrisburg work for every inch of the pitch. The game came down to the wire and the Renegades were not able to produce in the final minutes of the game. Diana Valencia and Sybil Taunton saw the try zone in this game. Harrisburg went on to be the eventual tournament winners.
Game three was pure domination for the Renegades beating the Lady Hooligans by a score of 31-12. The Renegades capitalized on a hesitant opposition and were able to take advantage of finding gaps and making long runs. Also noted in this game was Lizz Kelly’s full field sprint and diving tackle to keep the Hooligans scoreless in the second half. Great team effort! Lizz Kelly had 1 Colleen Erickson had 2 Kate Kelly had 1 and rookie Louise aka Frenchie had 1. Kate Kelly also stepped up and had 3 conversions.
Game four was the first round of playoffs and the Renegades were paired to play Division I powerhouse Keystone. The Renegades ended up on the losing end with a final score of 31-14 but in no way is the score reflective on how well the team played! On both the offensive and defensive end the Renegades ran hard and hit hard. Early trys by both teams indicated that the game could go either way. Leave it to the official to make a few controversial calls, the Renegades getting caught NOT BACK 10, TWICE and Keystone punching in an easy try, the momentum of the game was swung away from our favor. STILL such a great showing in a tough, hard fought game. Sybil Taunton and Kate Kelly were able to score.
Hoping to go out with a win in the consolation game, the Renegades suffered a heartbreaker two minutes into the game. One of our new rookies, and visitor to the States, Louise “Frenchie” Verley from France went down with an injury. She eventually left the field in an ambulance with what turned out to be a dislocated knee. Both teams decided on not finishing the game.
So the Renegades finished the day 2-2 and look forward to the rest of the summer It was nice to have a full 12 man roster on such a hot day. We hope to continue to keep numbers up at practice. We also have a lot of great rookies that we would like to keep around. Louise is said to have been feeling better and is recovering. Happy 4th of July!