the monmouth rugby football club lost it’s fall season’s last match on saturday, the 6th of november, by a score of forty-one to twenty-six at the hands of the new york rugby club. the win secured second place for new york, and the opportunity to host during the NRU crossover matches.
the monmouth squad will travel up to play the boston irish wolfhounds this coming saturday. the wolfhounds finished second, only to mystic river, in the NERFU division of the NRU.
people in the monmouth family may remember travelling to play the boston irish roughly seven years ago, during monmouth’s last stint in D1. we have a much greater confidence in playing the wolfhounds this time around. the last time saw monmouth at the tail end of a four team division one, and left us with the rantings and bantering, via email, of whether we should even travel to play the top seed from NERFU. within a year of that match, monmouth had dropped back down into division 2, where a few more years of struggling occurred, despite flashes of competence and competition.
in the past few years, under the guidance of brian difiore and pat moroney, we have clawed our way back into division 1, this time competing in a much different manner. one week removed from a match which could have seen monmouth hosting their playoff match, monmouth goes up to boston, not just intending to survive, but to return home with a win in hand.
if anyone has any chance to come and support,they are not only welcome, but suggested to join us on the trek to boston. email robbie or colin if you have any questions.

photos from the new york match can be seen here and the developmental side here.