Monmouth Renegades opened up the fall season on Saturday with a dominating 125-0 win over the women from Brooklyn. The game included 21 tries with 9 different women finding the try line and 7 of them finding it more than once (including 4 ladies with hat tricks). Monmouth went out on fire scoring 26 points in the first 16 minutes and finished the first half 74-0. Hope Delia started the scoring sixty seconds into the game and the pounding began (Hope would find the try zone 2 more times to complete her hat trick). The point leader for the day was Colleen Dwyer with 30 points (2 tries and 10 conversions). Try leader for the day was Kate Tarsiewicz with 4 tries including a hesiman like stiff arm that the Brooklyn fullback will have nightmares about for years to come.. Lizzy Kelly started her first official Monmouth League game and had her 3 tries in the first half! Newly elected Captain Kate Kally also had 3 tries including a very impressive 60 meter run. Bitch of the Pitch was and easy decision with veteran Fran Watson playing a stellar game which included 2 tries and overall dominate play. The pack dominated the scrums and took most of Brooklyns ball and over all ball possession was about 95% for Monmouth. It would take quite a few pages to mention all the great plays on the day . Everyone played well and it was a good start to the fall season. Congratulations to the Renegades!

Scoring Summary:

Colleen Dwyer 30
Kate T. 20
Kate Kelly 15
Liz Kelly 15
Hope Delia 15
Fran 10
Erickson 10
Amber 5
Tara 5