Howdy cowpokes,
Well let’s start off by saying our seats are set up to be in three rows, one behind the other.  This works out better than being in one long line; now we can throw things at each other more easily.  We’ll be sitting in Section 125, Rows 4,5, and 6, Seats 12-21 (13-21 in Row 6).
Kali has asked us to meet at the Rover early to for an opportunity to turn in raffle tickets and money, so even if you’re not coming to the game and want to ditch those tickets, now is an opportunity.  With that in mind, we are proposing to open the club at 8:30 and hit the trains by 10.  Because this is so early, there may be an opportunity to serve breakfast.  Don’t bank on it but know that Kegs and Eggs might be in order.
Even after talking with the rep at the arena (his name is Jason, he was very nice), there is still a major frown on tailgating.  Given the crowd on the day and the perceptions of rugby in general, one would assume there will be a large police presence to curtail any frivolities.  The best bet seems to be to pregame at the Rover and have a roving tailgate on the train.  The start time of the games need to be factored into the train ride, meaning we have to leave at a relatively decent hour to get to the field in time for kickoff.  The train and PATH schedule shows a departure from Red Bank Station at 10:16 puts us to Red Bull Arena by 11:32, enough time to walk to the stadium and perhaps even stop by a bar for one (dozen) last cheap beer(s).  A one way trip is $12.50 for train and PATH unless you’re a senior, child, or disabled, then its $5.75.  Break out those AARP cards!
After the matches, e may either stay up in the area or train it back down to drink the Rover dry or burn Red Bank to the ground.  This area of the day is still up in the air and by then, people are big enough to make their own decisions.
The rugby schedule for the day is:
12:00    Russia v. Uruguay  (for fifth place)
2:45     England Saxons v Canada (shocker!)  (for first)
3:28     Robbie v Blackout
5:30     USA v France A   (for third)
In a nutshell:
8:30 – Rover (breakfast?)/ Raffle Drop-off
10:16 – Board Train
10:17- 11:33 – Debauchery
11:34 – Walk to Arena
12:00 – Kickoff
7:00ish- Celebrate USA beating France
7:01ish- Leave.  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.
Ramble on,