The Renegades faced a very big and talented Hartford team on Saturday. The majority of the first half Hartford dominated by winning almost all the rucks and scrums and jumped out to a 15-0 lead. Monmouth looked to be in trouble. To mix things up Kate Kelly was moved to Flanker, Colleen Dwyer to fly half, Chris D. to fullback and Avery Morris was brought in to wing. Avery quickly made an impact with a 30 meter break that was completed 2 phases later with a Try by Dwyer Halftime score 15-5. Dwyer also held up a score in the try zone robbing Hartford from having a bigger half time lead. The dominating back row of Hussey, Hope Delia and Kate Kelly led the forwards in the second half and the Hartford dominance ended. This was highlighted by Kate Kelly’s try saving tackle and strip of a Hartford player from behind (girl was just robbed of the ball as she was crossing the try line on a 40 meter run). Our props (Val and Philly) started delivering hard hits and winning rucks. Solid second row performance from Amber, Cindy, Trish and Jess in the second half and we started to win our scrums. With the forwards now awake Colleen Dwyer led a very speedy backline that Hartford had no answer for. This included booming kicks and tries by both wingers Avery “You cannot tackle me” Morris and Katie “Yes I am back” Chittick. Scrumhalf Colleen Erickson had her typical stellar game and was also running a muck in the second half and had 1 try. The scoring was finished by the flankers each having a try (Kate Kelly and Hope Delia). Hartford had one try in garbage time and final score was 30-20. Player of the game was Liz Hussey who had her typical 500 tackles and worked hard for 80 minutes. The entire squad should be proud of such a gutsy come back win. Well done Ladies.