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Match Report: Monmouth Women v Detroit RFC

By: Coach of the Year Tara Murray & Professor of Creative Writing Becca Moose

March 25, 2018

The Renegades hosted Detroit on a chilly, but beautiful, Sunday morning in Somerville at the prestigious Immaculata High School.  Before even mentioning the on the field efforts of the teams, an immediate shout out is necessary for Alex Rumsey, Diana Valencia, Kat Hussey, and Kathleen Kerwin and BIG WEEN for making the weekend possible.  Mother nature’s dumping of snow on Wednesday made it impossible for Monmouth Rugby to host using our typical venue of Thompson Park. This left the club scrambling to find a turf field to accommodate the last minute schedule changes.  Kathleen “Weenie” Kerwin was able to call in a favor to her dad, “Big Ween” to secure the field for the matches at Immaculata High School. Thank you to everyone for handling the changes and still being able to play some top quality rugby!

Coming off of a 17-0 loss to Boston on Saturday, the women knew Detroit would come out swinging. Newly appointed, and possibly short-lived, Head Coach Christian Sloiweroiski, came in hot to the match to help lead the Renegades to their first season victory. He thought he was coming to coach a shuffleboard game at his local senior center, but made the best of the situation once realizing it was rugby. The Renegades kicked off the start the match and started with a strong, crushing pace. This smashing effort was led by Number 8 Liz Russoniello and her solid tackles to set the tone vs Detroit. After the first try by Liz, Detroit made their first crusade down the field to attempt to score on the Renegades. 10-year captain and Renegade leader, Diana Valencia, led the forwards in maintaining their composure and constantly attacking the offensive line. Forward Bitch of the Pitch, Nikki Zuck, welcomed each charging Detroit player with open arms as she took on tackle after tackle. Looking over at the backline, newly dubbed captain Wiener “Weenie” Kerwin, led the first cohesive back line since the Fall of 2017. Leandra “LFB” Berry was back with a vengeance after suffering a broken collar bone, cutting up Detroit’s defense and earned herself the Backs Bitch of the Pitch.  Detroit persisted and was finally able to break through the Renegade defense to score their one and only try.

Late in the first half, Detroit saw they were on the decline, so they tried to attack the Renegades only weak spot – kicking the ball at a young Durin Russinello.  Luckily, Liz used her mother forces screaming “PROTECT MY SON” across the pitch to build a force field around the young whippersnapper. Liz was not happy with the dirty move by Detroit, so she charged them in the 38th minute and scored her second try of the game.

~Half Time~

At the kick off of the second half, Detroit kicked to the Renegades.  The Renegades tried to keep their momentum going from the first half, but unfortunately, they ended up playing defense 95% of the second half.  As a credit to the Renegades, the defense never broke and was able to hold Detroit from scoring another try. New Head Coach, Christian Slkj!dfhadskl;ski, made a pivotal move late in the second half.  He subbed in Jackie “Big E” Mullens. He moved the chains. Without his genius substitution strategy, another Renegade try would not have been scored. Stitch gave Big E the ball on the 10 meter line at the 79th minute and in slow motion plowed through minimum 6 Detroit defensive players and scored her first ever rugby try! Zulu to come. Time expired as Amanda Rumsey sent the ball soaring through the uprights. The Renegades have done it! They have won their first game of the season. It was an excellent, hard fought first match back, but the Renegades were happily able to send Detroit back to 8 mile road with a 19-7 loss.

“The world on their shoulders as they run back to that 8 mile road ~Eminem”

~Becca Moose

Andrew Poulson v Morris

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Monmouth U19 Rugby Back in Action This Spring!

The Monmouth Maulers, Monmouth Rugby’s U19 side, is back in action this spring! Led by Captains Scott Lavelle and TJ Scaggs and Assistant Captains Ben Williams and Vince Faustini the young and fairly inexperienced side will be taking on a tough schedule of friendlies this season. Unfortunately the March 24th match against St. Peter’s Prep was snowed out. The team still has 4 matches on the schedule to look forward to:

April 7th vs Hudson Catholic (Thompson Park)
April 15th @ Union
April 22nd @ Ridge Rugby
May 12th vs CBA (Monmouth Day at Thompson Park)

Our girls side is still struggling to get numbers. We are working to have them team up with Hudson Catholic in Rugby NJ’s girls 10’s tournaments. Details are still being worked out.

The team practices on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 5 to 7 at Mater Dei Prep. We meet in the Cherry Tree Farm Road entrance parking lot.  New players always welcome – no experience necessary!!

For more info you can contact Matt Bernstein at

Monmouth Rugby Holiday Party Recap

On December 16th 2017, Monmouth Rugby Football Club held our annual Holiday Extravaganza at the Wilde Rover! The event was a great success and was full of jolly fun for all! This year we partnered with Friends of JJ, a local charity that supports pediatric units of hospitals around the year and specifically during the holidays. Patrons of the party together raised nearly $300 & countless amounts of toys for children and their families who are unable to spend the holidays at home

We’d like to thank Brenna Messana of Friends of JJ for a her dedication to local New Jersey hospitals We’d also like to thank all of the current players/past players along with their friends & families for their generosity and coming out to enjoy the evening!

For more information on Friends of JJ Please Visit:



Renegades Capture Empire GU Championship

Suggested to be read/sung to the theme song for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Credit Becca Moose)
Now this is a story all about how
The Lions season got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just grab the crew
I’ll tell you how we became the champs of Empire G U

In Thompson Park, born and raised
On the field is where we spent most of our days
Hittin’ rucks, passin’, tacklin’ all night
And all playin’ some rugby ready for a fight
When a couple of Lions who were up to no good
Started makin trouble in our neighborhood
We got in one huge fight and Robbie got scared
And said “you’re takin the field with your mates right over there.”

We rucked and tackled with them play after play
But they would not ease up and they stood in our way
We went for a run and then we almost made the line
Kyla got the ball out wide and said ok now its try time
First score, yo, this isn’t bad
Tis some of the most fun we’ve ever had
Is this what the champs of Empire livin like?
Hmmm, this might be all right
But wait, the Lions they’re feisty, scrappy, and all that
Is this the type of game that we think we can just chat?
We don’t think so, we will show them who’s who
I hope they’re prepared for the champs round 2.

Well, the lions scored with thirty minutes left
There was a scramble to get the ball back by an act of theft
We’re not trying to lose yet, we got more to do here
We sprang with the quickness like lightning, put to the test
PAM whistled for the ball cause catch-pass is her craft
She went sprinting down the side line like a baby giraffe
The 80 minutes were up, much to our relief
We couldn’t believe we had won, lead by our chief.

We pulled up to the Rover about 12 or 1
And we yelled to Dee “are you ready for some fun?”
Looked at our kingdom, we were a motley crew
Sitting on our throne as Champs of the Empire G U.

Final Score: 22-10

Tries: Kyla x2, Cheyanne, Pam
Conversions: Stitch x1

“Ruck Breast Cancer” with Monmouth Rugby

Please join Monmouth Rugby Football Club on October 22nd, for our first annual “Ruck Breast Cancer” fundraising event. We will start at 11:00am meeting at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ where we will be having a community kickball tournament. To play, simply dress to impress in your best pink, and bring $10 cash to field. This will ensure your spot on a team, and include pizza at the after party. Teams will be picked upon arrival by our resident team captains of the men’s D2 & D3, the women’s Renegades along with a captain from our supportive family & friends joining!

Following the tournament style kickball matches, everyone will be invited back to the Wilde Rover in Red Bank, NJ to replenish energy with our signature beverages. In addition there will also be our personalized MRFC designed ‘RUCK BREAST CANCER’ tee’s & pink socks will available for purchase at both Thompson Park & the Wilde Rover. All proceeds of T-Shirt/Socks going directly to SFK Foundation which is a New Jersey nonprofit that benefits the American Cancer Society along with other local NJ charities. Please come on out and support MRFC support the fight & increase the awareness of breast cancer in a fun way!

More Info and RSVP Here:

More Information on SFK Foundation:

**Tshirts will also be available at Friends and Family Day on Oct 14th!